The S.M.A.R.T. Education Garden mission is to educate and empower community on sustainable living, and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
The S.M.A.R.T. Garden, located at 1619 S. Flores in the St. Henry's Church courtyard. The education garden will serve as an outdoor classroom to Briscoe Elementary students and the wider community. Our students will develop, manage and design all directional and educational signage along with the main focal mural set to adorn the primary garden wall. 
Our signature mural wall is only the beginning. We plan to infuse our garden with more inspiration to ripple through the community. We build community through art education. It's what we do. Thank you Satori for your design, your creativity and your energy! You are amazing!

Satori Hernandez, "The Garden" 2021 pictured with Director Yvette Benavides and Executive Director Andy Benavides


Magali, "Te Espero" 2021 was created by Magali and warms the wall of our education area. Painting a mural was on Magali's bucket list and we were thrilled to help her fulfill this dream. Come and snap a pic. Located on the Nogalitos side of the garden.

Our garden begins with 10 beds for veggies and fruits, a water catcher system, pollinator area and an open space that will serve as an outdoor classroom. 
Scheduled cooking classes provided by Chef Jason Garcia for Briscoe students and the community will teach healthy eating. Other classes include hands on garden care, plant and herb, environmental impact, sustainability classes and demos.
Garden tours will be lead by the esteemed Los Caballeros from Briscoe Elementary. Learn more about Los Caballeros by visiting their instagram page @loscaballerosdistinguidos
S.M.A.R.T. intends to host annual seasonal events for community engagement and raise awareness of our program and fundraising opportunities.
Work days will include, bed preparation, watering, maintenance, event preparation and more! 

We are humbled and honored to have created this garden with the following:  St. Henry's Church and Father Bob, Mary and Carlos, Alamo Architects' Design for Justice for your exceptional committment to affect communities in positive ways. Sundt & Metropolitan Contracting for seeding our garden with the infrastructure to make it comfortable and sustainable. And our beautiful Briscoe Elementary community. 
We thank you for being S.M.A.R.T. With gratitude.
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