Since 1998, S.M.A.R.T. projectspace is a professionally run exhibition space. Monthly exhibitions include emerging artists, students and professional artists. Artist talks are held on a quarterly basis as another opportunity for the community to engage with artists on a more personal and informal level.

World Peace Lizard

Neon Glow Pantings by Blair Wilson


Opening exhibition
Dec 14, 2019 | 7 - 10 pm

The time to glow has come.


S.M.A.R.T. is thrilled to welcome back artist Blair Wilson for another incredible immersive experience. Transforming the space with lighting finesse, World Peace Lizard presents an opportunity for guests to explore and appreciate the nature of animals, insects and humans in a series of 50 paintings and 3 zines.  Wilson will guide you in a variety of lighting conditions allowing you to view pieces in white, black or no light. Accompanying his large and small scale paintings are a series of three new Blair Wilson zines: Yard Beasts and World Nations, Heroes of the Alphabet and Insect Horoscopes. This is a show you won't want to miss. Wilson's thoughtful work and stimulating sensory presentation will leave you wanting more. 

Top L to Bottom: C vs. D, W vs. X, Monarch Path, High jumper, Leaper, acrylic paintings on poly canvas

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