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A Garden for Creative Seeds


Southtown originated as part of a neighborhood revitalization project on one street, in the early 1990’s. As time passed it grew to encompass 5 neighborhoods.


Over 30 years, S.M.A.R.T. watched the growth and evolution of the creativity in their surrounding neighborhoods. We saw a common thread among each of them - they were united through arts and creativity. It was time to brand the area, pull them all together and work to sustain the area as a viable artistic haven.


In 2016 we approached neighborhood leaders within district boundaries with our idea to pull all five neighborhoods together, highlight their cultural assets and work together to sustain them. The idea was well received as they saw the potential of working collectively as supporters of our arts and cultural resources. 

S.M.A.R.T. took to the streets. With 2 directors and a volunteer we went door to door and began telling artists, art leaders and businesses. Building a website, a brand, a social media platform that pulled us all together. Strength in numbers.


We took our passion for arts and education and applied it to Southtown. Southtown is meant to share the diversity and creativity within it's 3.5 square mile boundary.  


Southtown is home to First Friday and Second Saturday, the City’s longest running artwalks and “A Day In Southtown” their annual community event.


Learn more about each neighborhood by visiting

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