Public Murals


In 2017 S.M.A.R.T. was approached by Public Art San Antonio (PASA) to create murals along the World Heritage Trail. We were honored to participate in this historic project. An opportunity to mentor artists, connect with community, educate and make the southside of our City even more beautiful.

For each mural, public community meetings were held, and feedback inspired final designs. For the Stinson Mural, the public had a strong desire to incorporate women in aviation, past and future.  And for the Four Seasons mural, collaborative feedback inspired the final design to focus on the four seasons. Each mural identifies animals and vegetation corresponding to the season.

John Tosh, Director of Texas Air Museum at Stinson Airfield
Sebastian St. John, research consultant Texas Air Museum
Ramon Vasquez y Sanchez, American Indians in Texas at the Spanish Colonial Missions

Andy Benavides
Jose Cosme
Joe De La Cruz
Albert Garza
Chris Montoya
Christina Sosa Noriega

Mural Locations:
Stinson Mural: 8410 Mission Rd. Stinson Municipal Airport Service Building
The Four Seasons: 410 underpass and Villamain Rd.

TPR – Stinson
KSAT – Stinson

TPR – 4 Seasons

Rivard Report – 4 Seasons

La Prensa – 4 Seasons

KSAT News – 4 Seasons

S.M.A.R.T. / The NRP Group partnership


In 2012 The NRP Group opened Cevallos Lofts. Part of The NRP Group's mission with Cevallos was to develop a community space that accomplished two things: (1) make local art accessible to their residents and (2) support the local art community. Every year since 2012, SMART organizes an annual art exhibition where local nonprofits and educational institutions are given an opportunity to exhibit in what is often their first public art experience. In partnership with The NRP Group, the reception is held every March during Contemporary Art Month. All works are for sale and the show runs for an entire year.

Cevallos Lofts Past Exhibitions


2018San Antonio Ethnic Art Society

2017 | Art Institute of San Antonio

2016 | Trinity University

2015 | Texas State University

2014 | Photohive

2013 | Mark Hogensen, Cruz Ortiz, Antonia Richardson

2012 | San Anto Cultural Arts & Local & Texas based artists

Current Exhibition

East X South

St. Philip's College Department of Fine Arts

March 1, 2019 - Feb 2020

“East X South” brings together a collective group of works that explore  personal experiences. Individuals navigate these experiences by exploiting perspectual spaces,the figure, still-life, and the narrative  through differing approaches to content, media, and technique.

Participating artists include:

Madison Cuenca • Debbie Ramirez • Daniel Davalos • Val Rico • Donovan Sanchez • Alejandra Rendon Baena • Yolanda Martinez • Anita Helmkamp

Supporting Multiple Art Resources Together
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